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Hollyhock Harvest

Pendants in a variety of sizes, shapes and combinations. Each genuine element is resin-set in the bezel cup to preserve and enhance the piece creating an unique and intriguing design.

Birth Month Flowers
First Time Available!
Genuine flowers on sterling silver chain and sterling silver ear wires. Each piece comes with appropriate carding describing the flower and the month with which it corresponds.
West Hollywood
NEW! 2023
Genuine Yellow Queen Anne's Lace on bright creamy fuchsia set in shiny gold plated settings.
Marina at Midnight
NEW! 2022
White Queen Anne's Lace on North Sea Colored
Silver Plated Bezel Pendants.
NEW! 2022
Bridal wreath tiny turquoise flowers on a rich, creamy hot pink. Gunmetal finished pewter settings finish.
Sweet Yellow Clover on Burgundy
NEW! 2022
Slip into Fall with these rich Burgundy pieces on Gold Plated Satin finish bezels. Featuring Sweet Yellow Clover Botanicals or Enamel Color Collection choices.
NEW! 2022
Be transported with this tranquility group. We've combined Viola leaves, which symbolize love and admiration, with Bridal Wreath flowers, which are known to assist in opening one to new perspectives and help seeing challenging situations in a new light.
Turquoise Bridal Wreath on Aqua
NEW! 2022
Also known as "spirea", these tiny flowers denote triumph and festivity. They are known to assist in opening one's mind to new perspectives and help see challenging situations in a new light. Gold Plated Bezels in a variety of styles.
Coastal Groups
Coastal themed handmade bezel jewelry featuring starfish and more.
Our Entire Collection of cuffs featuring leaves and flowers on a variety of metals and styles.
A trio of Botanicals in bezel pendants featuring terrarium motifs of sand and gravel.
An assortment of Genuine Pressed flowers, the hallmark of our jewelry line set in bezel pendants.
An assortment of pressed leaves and bark in bezel pendants.
Genuine Pressed Flowers in Heart-Shaped Bezel Pendants. A variety of metal & chain styles makes this group Valentine's Day year round.